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Sapphire Unbound: A Black Womanist Scholar Speaks her Mind: “Project Prevention”: Saving Black Women from Themselves and Creating a Better Future

I first encountered Dr. Jordan-Zachery when she followed me on twitter.  I checked out her blog, and it is fantastic and very important.  She is insightful, and she often has guest bloggers who add their views.

Here’s a particularly interesting post, but I highly recommend you take a look at the rest of the blog as well.

Sapphire Unbound: A Black Womanist Scholar Speaks her Mind: “Project Prevention”: Saving Black Women from Themselves and Creating a Better Future.

Black women’s bodies have historically been problematic for those who hold the power to define race-gender hierarchies. Early Europeans constructed Black women’s bodies as different, highly sexual and “other”. Black women’s societal worth is often devalued in the eyes of European Americans. Such devaluation can also occur when other Black folk subscribe to the ideology of the damaged Black woman. The damaged Black woman is often used to promote policies that focus on changing individual behaviors as opposed to critically questioning societal structures that contribute to Black women’s inequitable positions. The result is the culture of poverty, the culture of fatness and the culture of drug abuse that permeates the two stories that I discuss below.

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Great piece. It reminds me of Susan Bordo’s analyses of advertising.
Here’s a question. Do you think it’s possible to depict the athletic female body in a way that doesn’t implicate sexual objectification? Or does the general social background sexualize any image of the female body?


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You Want Inspirational Courage?

I’ve got your inspirational courage right here.

Irshad Manji

If you’ve never heard of Irshad Manji, give her website a look.  If you have heard of her, give her website a look.

Hers is a courage that I will never have.

And agree or disagree with her, she is is truly an inspiration.

“I’m not a moderate Muslim, I’m a reformist”

Irshad Manji blog and official website

Irshad is founder and director of the Moral Courage Project at New York University’s school of public service. This leadership program equips students to challenge political correctness, intellectual conformity and self-censorship — within their families, communities and organizations.

And don’t for a second think that the world today is lacking in moral leadership and heroism (heroine-ism?).

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The Skeptical OB: Homebirth midwives don’t want you to know

The Skeptical OB asks an interesting question.

Why won’t the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA) release  their data on the safety of home births facilitated by their midwives?

[MANA has] publicly announced that only those who pass an ideological litmus test and sign a legal non-disclosure agreement will be allow access to the data.

Birth freedom is most certainly a feminist issue.

Withholding important information makes it impossible for women to make an informed choice about how they want to give birth.  And an uninformed choice is no choice at all.

I don’t see how MANA’s policy can possibly be compatible with feminism.

Make public the data!

The Skeptical OB: Homebirth midwives don’t want you to know.

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Another feminist take on Prometheus.

cute girl discount

I laughed at the final scene of Prometheus. And I suspect that wasn’t Ridley Scott’s intent.

I went in really wanting to like this movie: ready to be creeped out, to feel claustrophobic, to root for the kick-ass Noomi Rapace [see above], to drool over Michael Fassbender.

But the movie was not so ready for me to like it.

Spoiler-filled feminist kvetching after the jump.

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Nerdy Feminist: Prometheus: We Miss You, Ripley!

I saw the film over the weekend, but I am still digesting it.  I will share some thoughts on it soon.

In the mean time, Here is some solid feminist thinking on Prometheus from a blogger I ran across.

The Nerdy Feminist.

Wait.  Nerd?  And Feminist!?

I don’t know.

That sounds dangerous.  Like a critical mass of coolness.

And it turns out that it is indeed an excellent blog.   Give it a click.

(Spoiler Alert for the linked page)

Without spoiling anything, I can say that the amazing character of Ellen Ripley, as portrayed by Sigourney Weaver in Alien does NOT have a match in Prometheus. In fact, I’m very disappointed that at least in this series, it appears we’ve quite regressed in the last 33 years. I was so disappointed and concerned that I actually started to jot down the following notes in the theater.

Nerdy Feminist: Prometheus: We Miss You, Ripley!.

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