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Class, accessibility, and rebranding feminism

This goes to my point in the post about feminists and attachment parenting: Are feminist mothers MORE likely to be attachment parenting?


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Are feminist mothers MORE likely to be attachment parenting?

This is *very* interesting.
I don’t see anything necessarily anti-feminist about attachment parenting.
But but it does seem to me that any sort of social pressure on women to adopt attachment parenting is inconsistent with feminism.
As for the study, I wonder if they controlled for things like race and class. I suspect that attachment parenting is most popular among middle and upper class women, i.e. women who are free to stay home with their children if they choose to.  See this post by Feminist Anthropologist for more about what I’m getting at.

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After all that debate around whether attachment parenting is anti-feminist for mothers this is an interesting finding:

Results showed that feminists were more likely to support attachment parenting practices than non-feminists, and non-feminists were more likely to endorse strict schedules for children. These results suggest that attachment parenting is a type of parenting that is attractive to feminist women.

Interestingly, non-feminists, and mothers in particular, held misperceptions about the typical feminist who they saw as largely uninterested in the time-intensive and hands-on practices associated with attachment parenting. Non-feminists perceived feminists as less interested in attachment parenting than they were when, in fact, the feminists were more interested.

The study, which was mentioned in PSYPOST, is relatively small but the results are noteworthy. The findings make intuitive sense to me because, anecdotally, among the feminist mothers I follow on Twitter and at other blogs more of them seem to be into…

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Does Attachment Parenting Hurt Women?

Sully collects a few arguments.

Attachment parenting is definitely bougie, and insofar as it becomes an expectation for women in general, it harms them.

But look if you want to do it, I don’t guess it’s my, or anyone else’s, place to tell you can’t.

But just keep in mind that it’s not your place to tell others that their hurting their kids if they don’t.

Does Attachment Parenting Hurt Women? – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.

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