Uncharted territory


Warning: this post contains strong language, trigger phrases and a lot of fury

I know very little about gaming and what I do know is opinion. Mostly mine, although I do acknowledge that other people are entitled to their own.  However, I do know about sexism and it seems that on the great Venn diagram of the internet, recently the two have overlapped. And that makes it my business.

At the weekend my boyfriend showed me a delightful (that was my sarcastic font) trailer for a new game entitled Hitman Absolution. Not because he thought I might like to play it, but because of the rampantly sexist content. I won’t go into it now because my friend Tim does the job much better than I ever could here: http://unsuitableforadults.com  but it involves a posse of dominatrix nuns being beaten to a bloody pulp by the love child of Vin…

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